Limitless global possibilities for payment collaboration

We offer the payment technology and expertise to ensure our partners capture every payment opportunity

Discover a full stack of benefits

The world of payment processing has changed. Businesses are looking for partners, both strategic and technological. We are that partner.  Our goal is to create bigger and better payment opportunities for all – paving the way to great partnerships.

Customizable solutions and bespoke offerings giving you exactly what you want.

Unified reporting, turning data into active insights.

Easy integration to multiple gateways, platform partners, and eCommerce plugins.

Scope to grow your geographic reach and tap into new markets.

One end-to-end payment technology platform.

Open banking giving merchants more affordable options.

Decoupled pay-ins and payouts.

Remove compliance complications.

A partner for every business

Our payment platform is designed to accelerate the business of partners and their clients. As a Nuvei partner, you can offer cutting-edge payment options, generate new revenue streams, and reduce potential attrition. We work with:

Integrated Software Vendors (ISVs)

We help ISVs seamlessly and securely integrate payment processing into their software or app. It's about more than software – it’s about how we can accelerate business performance.

  • Competitive commercials
  • Automated underwriting and instant merchant onboarding
  • Developer-friendly APIs, SDKs, and FAQs for a variety of integrations
  • Solutions for online, in-store and mobile payments
  • Partnership models to fit all stages of business-maturity
  • Sales and marketing programs to drive customer adoption

Unified commerce experience with powerful solutions

Don’t settle for the basics. We’re so much more than a payment processor. Maximize profitability, merchant satisfaction and retention with benefits that you’ll come to know and love.

Our payment platform is designed to accelerate the business of partners and their clients, globally.

  • Higher sales conversions
  • Reduced operational costs
  • More markets and payment methods
  • Secure, PCI compliant solutions
  • Greater flexibility and support

Give your business a unique edge

Benefit from our partner-centric philosophy, as we collaborate closely with you to help achieve your goals, ensuring that your strategic development aligns seamlessly with your business aspirations.

  • Action plan development
  • Strategic account management
  • Portfolio management
  • Product and sales training
  • Merchant acquisition
  • Quarterly business and strategy reviews

Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs)

Our distinctive partner program equips ISOs and Agents with the products, resources (people and tools) and value-added solutions required to grow their merchant portfolios and win more business.

  • Complete payment solutions for almost every industry
  • Lucrative revenue-sharing and commission programs
  • Business development and strategic partner support
  • Marketing assets and campaign support
  • Value-added solutions including surcharge programs, cash discount, merchant funding, and third-party integrations
  • Back-office support, online dashboard, and robust reporting
  • Streamlined merchant onboarding experience

Streamlined setup, rapid merchant activation

With a simple integration, get your merchants setup and processing within minutes.

Merchants can apply for a merchant account with a few key pieces of information and minimal documentation, speeding up the entire application process.

  • Automated, fast-track approvals
  • Web application (WebApp) and custom API (AppLink)
  • White-label branding for full control of the merchant onboarding process
  • Merchants can go live in minutes

Personalized assistance and integrated business support

Enjoy personalized assistance and integrated business support. We take you under our wing and provide the tools you need to increase on-boarding volume and transactions, powering your success.

  • Single point of contact for support
  • Dedicated relationship management
  • Partner learning center
  • Developer innovation center
  • Partner sales dashboard
  • Efficient onboarding processes

Platforms and Marketplaces

Marketplaces are the future of retail. That's why we go further to ensure our platform and marketplace partners stand out for their superior customer experiences. Several stakeholders are involved in the value chain including buyers, sellers, platforms, payment providers and third-party providers, so we recognize that payments are key to efficiently streamlining the ecosystem for customer. We offer:

  • A streamlined approach to a complex ecosystem
  • Personalized support to consult, collaborate with and take care of our merchants and partners
  • Bespoke product development from our partners' feedback
  • Payment orchestration to ensure optimal payment performance
  • An entirely trustworthy platform with 99.999% uptime
  • Genuine localization, unrivalled coverage, true global support

Payment Facilitators (PayFacs)

For PayFacs, we operate as both an acquirer and a genuine payments partner with local expertise around the world. We offer a vast suite of local and global APMs, and fast pay-ins and payouts for your clients.

Our single solution delivers a seamless end-to-end experience to your customers. Best-in-class support to PayFacs includes server-to-server integration, sub-merchant onboarding, and much more.

  • Simple integration
  • Easy sub-merchant onboarding
  • Multi-currency pricing (MCP)
  • Dynamic currency conversion (DCC)
  • Dynamic 3DS, chargeback handling and dispute management

Customized payment integrations to meet every business need

It starts with a thorough discussion about your unique requirements and business processes, followed by comprehensive documentation managed by our dedicated integration specialists.

It's about more than software—our goal is to accelerate business performance.

  • Expert support: in-house team assistance
  • Developer tools: accessible tools and documentation
  • Developer portal: direct access to APIs and resources
  • Custom integrations: solutions tailored to specific requirements
  • Streamlined documentation: clear, concise guidance
  • Integration options: various integration levels available
  • Omnichannel experience: unified merchant experiences

Specialized support for your merchants

Stand out from the competition and provide the best support to your merchant clients with our specialized support teams. Our experts are trained to quickly address and resolve merchant-facing issues.

  • 24/7/365 technical support, including assistance with production or sandbox issues
  • Dedicated onboarding and management teams
  • Loyalty and NPS (Net Promoter Score) initiatives
  • Expertise in chargeback management
  • Comprehensive risk and compliance monitoring
  • Multilingual and multi-region support
  • Seamless communication through various channels, including WhatsApp, Slack, Teams, phone, or email
  • Exclusive support for our VIP merchants

Referral Partners

Unlock new business opportunities with Nuvei's referral partnership program. Simply introduce us to potential clients, and we'll handle the rest—from selling to closing.

There's no ceiling on your earnings, no complex regulations, and no unnecessary bureaucracy. We partner with consultants, introducers, referrers, associations, franchisors, professionals, and individuals, adapting to your unique business needs.

  • Maximize earning potential with a flexible revenue-sharing model
  • More referrals equal more earnings, with no caps or limits
  • Detailed monthly revenue reports online for full transparency
  • Co-sales and co-marketing activities to drive maximum results
  • People-first philosophy, enhancing global payment experiences

Payment Orchestration Providers

Does your business provide systems or services that automate the coordination and management of authorising, processing and optimizing payments? We are here to support and streamline the multiple layers within each transaction flow. We offer:

  • Agnostic tokenization (utilizing scheme tokens)
  • PCI descoping including 3DS authentication
  • All data in one central portal, including CHB, fraud and acceptance
  • Global coverage with local acquiring and APM
  • Speed to market via a single API integration

Enhance revenue and strengthen merchant loyalty

Deliver greater value and keep your clients satisfied with our broad range of revenue-generating value adds. Our tech stack, available “a la carte,” goes well beyond traditional acquiring models.

Our partnership team is focused on your success and presents alternative revenue solutions.

  • Payment orchestration
  • Business coaching
  • Portfolio management
  • Cash advance and embedded lending
  • Cash discounting, surcharging, and dual pricing
  • Portfolio buyouts and exit strategies
  • Third-party integrations and integrated software

Streamlined registration, customized branding solutions

We support our partners throughout the entire ISO registration process and implementation.

  • Legal paperwork and assistance
  • Tailored branding services
  • Enhanced access to data
  • Control of merchant billing
  • Enhanced access and merchant services
  • Customized application and terms of service
  • Support for back-office processes

Boost sales with custom marketing strategies and flawless execution

We help our Partners achieve unprecedented success through a range of flexible programs designed to maximize sales and revenue.

  • Innovative campaign development to captivate your audience
  • Strategic digital marketing strategies for enhanced online presence
  • Customized landing pages to drive conversion and engagement
  • Instant warm transfers for seamless customer acquisition
  • Commitment to 100% transparency throughout our partnership

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