Performance & optimization

Think of your business like a race car. Accelerating its performance demands constant improvement and optimization.

Marginal gains can lead to big growth

Just like driving a finely tuned race car, every small improvement made adds up to significant gains. Maximize approval rates and revenue with features designed to guide every payment from checkout to completion.

Intelligent Authorization

Enhance checkouts to optimize conversions

Discover the future of optimized commerce with our AI-powered intelligent authorization solutions.

Fire up your revenue engine by boosting authorization success rates through our pre-transaction optimization tools.

  • Single-click purchases to streamline transactions
  • Boost approvals with smart retry technology
  • Advanced rules to enrich and augment transaction messages
  • Enhanced Network Tokens


Higher authorizations

Switching from legacy systems to our modern payment platform increased North American approval rates by 2% and EMEA rates by 1.5%.

Smart Routing

Optimize transaction flows for higher approvals

Direct transactions intelligently to different banks. Increase sales and conversion rates by improving the chance of successful payment.

Generate more revenue and higher approvals by enabling virtually limitless routing possibilities. Every major payment service and gateway is supported.

  • 3DS Routing
  • Exemptions Engine
  • Fraud Screening
  • Bank Routing
  • Decrease declines and checkout abandonment


Transaction approvals

Our smart routing technology has been shown to effectively convert declined transactions into approvals by up to 5%.

Intelligent Re-try

Fine-tune your payment process for peak performance

Dive into a world where every transaction parameter is meticulously adjusted and optimized. Leverage artificial intelligence to ensure a smooth and successful checkout experience.

Watch your conversion rates soar as we intelligently re-attempt transactions to secure success.

  • Boost approval rates and conversions with smart payment recovery
  • Resolve token mismatch issues and address 3DS2 declines
  • Transform soft declines into successful transactions
  • Enhance the customer experience by streamlining card verification rules


More revenue

Optimize revenue streams with our proprietary decline cascading technology to increase revenue by up to 3%.

Insights & Analytics

Advanced monitoring and control at your fingertips

Elevate your payment strategy with insight-driven authorizations. With AI-driven tools built into our analytics suite, leverage the data you need for every transaction and authentication flow.

Steer your transaction traffic towards smoother roads and higher approval rates. Tailored insights mean you're in the driver's seat, accelerating towards optimized authorizations and financial performance.

  • Leverage artificial intelligence to automate approval rate analysis
  • Gain precise insights into transactions with customizable reports
  • Benefit from machine learning to optimize authorizations
  • Monitor performance and act on conversion-based reporting
  • Navigate complex data to minimize risk and manage fraud


Revenue maximization

Through our data-backed solutions, merchants increased revenue by 19% by converting potentially lost sales into approved transactions.

Payments designed to accelerate your business

Choose Nuvei for payments that work harder to convert sales and boost your bottom line.

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