Cost-efficient, reliable and fast ways to transfer funds

Our bank transfer solution enables frictionless payment experiences that help you increase conversion rates while significantly saving on payment processing costs.

Gain a competitive edge with faster payments and settlement, flexibility and security

Meet the fast-paced needs of your organization with our rapid and instant payment options that pave the way for growth. Our Open Banking Technology and vast global partnerships offer a competitive edge. Every major market and network, all through a single integration.

Seamless checkout

Provide a seamless customer experience

Our bank transfer solutions give your customers the advantage of paying with their banking information, all within your regular checkout experience.

Say goodbye to confusing transaction flows and hello to higher conversion rates, lower processing costs, and enhanced security.

  • Simple, secure and flexible solution
  • Single integration into your checkout experience
  • Access to the major banks and financial institutions
  • Frictionless, seamless bank login and payment
  • Funds transfer is quick and reliable
Choice & flexibility

Enhance consumer choice and convenience

Our bank transfer solutions are designed with your customers' preferences in mind, offering them a broader range of payment options that cater to their diverse needs.

This not only simplifies transactions but also broadens your appeal to a wider audience, including those who prefer not to use credit cards or seek alternatives to traditional payment methods.

  • Enable customer bank choice at checkout
  • No additional sign-ups to deter purchases
  • Real-time options for faster payments
  • Guaranteed and non-guaranteed models
  • Support for all major customer banks
Guaranteed protection

Secure your payments with unmatched protection

Step into a realm of unparalleled security with our zero chargeback solutions, designed to safeguard your business against fraud while securing your customers' sensitive data.

Our guaranteed solution assures that once a payment is made, it cannot be reversed by the payer. Unlike credit card payments which can be disputed by the cardholder, we make chargebacks a thing of the past.

  • Peace of mind built into every transaction
  • Historical checks and intelligent approval system minimizes potential returns
  • Customizable security measures for fraud prevention tailored to your needs
  • Comprehensive, consolidated reporting, crafted for your ease
Lower fees

Reduce customer costs to increase profits and loyalty

Offer your customers a seamless payment experience while enjoying the benefits of lower processing fees compared to traditional credit card transactions.

This cost-effective solution not only makes payments more affordable but also enhances operational efficiency, allowing you to invest more in growing your business.

  • Lower per-transaction processing fees
  • Minimal chargeback fees and risks
  • Reduced interchange and network fees
  • Direct bank-to-bank transaction savings
  • Quicker access to your revenue
Global network

Unlock growth with our global banking network

Get unmatched country and bank coverage with our extensive network of global providers. Stay ahead of the curve and expand your revenue streams. Delight your customers with unparalleled convenience no matter where they are.

U.S. Bank Transfer

Automated Clearing House (ACH), Real-time Payments (RTP®), FedNow

EU Bank Transfer

SEPA, SEPA Instant

UK Bank Transfer 

Faster Payments, Pay with Bank Transfer

Canada Bank Transfer


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