Innovation, speed and insights, all in one view.

Nuvei’s powerful reporting technology allows you to see holistic payments data and detailed transaction information—all on a single platform.

One platform. Actionable analytics

Integrate with our global data hub to maximize potential revenue. Automate data and report distribution to optimize your transactions.

Real-time Reporting

Transparent data on demand

Access your payment activities and manage your merchant account data across all channels. Deep-dive into analytics, including traffic optimization, leading to higher approval rates and revenues

Real-time reports, processing comparisons, and case management all help identify opportunities to increase revenue and reduce lost sales.

  • Unparalleled transparency in your payments data
  • Turn large volumes of complex data into clear, actionable insights
  • Unified, dynamic reporting for all your transaction activity
  • Approve and block fraudulent transactions through our enhanced verification flow
  • Automatically schedule reports for export
Revenue Recovery

Say no to lost revenue

Convert more payment transactions through data-driven rules and innovative routing powered by advanced analytics.

Run reports and optimize payments from one central dashboard.

  • Set custom rules for payment methods to present upon declines
  • Maximize conversion for hosted check out
  • Leverage Nuvei’s agnostic connectivity with multiple acquirers, banks and payment providers
  • Reduced revenue leakage
Scalability & Security

We grow and scale with your business

Designed to scale with your business, Nuvei’s Control Panel is ideal for accommodating growth and evolving requirements without loss of performance.

With robust security built in, rest assured sensitive business and customer data is protected.

  • Effortlessly adapts to business growth and expansion
  • Supports increasing data volumes and user demands without performance loss
  • Strong security protocols to protect business and customer data
  • Robust user access controls to prevent unauthorized data access
Exemptions Engine

Create better customer journeys

Smooth our your customer journey with intelligent exemption selections.

Our proprietary and powerful engine identifies the exemption types most likely to gain approval, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your customers.

  • Customizable control for your specific business use cases
  • Optimal risk management to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Universal compatibility, designed to be acquirer agnostic
Dedicated Monitoring

Uniting consulting and technology

Increase revenue, plus save time and money by automating your data streams. Get more control over fees, deposits, withdrawals, account balances and chargebacks.

Plus, get timely, meaningful information that allows you to stay ahead of the competition. For wherever business takes you next.

  • Unparalleled transparency into your payments data
  • Real-time merchant transaction information across all channels
  • Increased engagement with client segments that drive higher revenue
  • Easy-to-navigate, dashboard or deep-dive analytics

Payments designed to accelerate your business

Choose Nuvei for payments that work harder to convert sales and boost your bottom line.

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