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Experience a payment technology partnership where collaboration extends beyond typical boundaries, giving way to bigger and better opportunities.

A partner for every business

Our payment platform is designed to accelerate the business of partners and their clients. As a Nuvei partner, you can offer cutting-edge payment options, generate new revenue streams, and reduce potential attrition. We work with:

Integrated Software Vendors (ISVs)

We help ISVs seamlessly and securely integrate payment processing into their software or app. It's about more than software – it’s about how we can accelerate business performance.

  • Competitive commercials
  • Automated underwriting and instant merchant onboarding
  • Developer-friendly APIs, SDKs, and FAQs for a variety of integrations
  • Solutions for online, in-store and mobile payments
  • Partnership models to fit all stages of business-maturity
  • Sales and marketing programs to drive customer adoption

Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs)

Our distinctive partner program equips ISOs and Agents with the products, resources (people and tools) and value-added solutions required to grow their merchant portfolios and win more business.

  • Complete payment solutions for almost every industry
  • Lucrative revenue-sharing and commission programs
  • Business development and strategic partner support
  • Marketing assets and campaign support
  • Value-added solutions including surcharge programs, cash discount, merchant funding, and third-party integrations
  • Back-office support, online dashboard, and robust reporting
  • Streamlined merchant onboarding experience

Payment Facilitators (PayFacs)

For PayFacs, we operate as both an acquirer and a genuine payments partner with local expertise around the world. We offer a vast suite of local and global APMs, and fast pay-ins and payouts for your clients.

Our single solution delivers a seamless end-to-end experience to your customers. Best-in-class support to PayFacs includes server-to-server integration, sub-merchant onboarding, and much more.

  • Simple integration
  • Easy sub-merchant onboarding
  • Multi-currency pricing (MCP)
  • Dynamic currency conversion (DCC)
  • Dynamic 3DS, chargeback handling and dispute management

Referral Partners

Unlock new business opportunities with Nuvei's referral partnership program. Simply introduce us to potential clients, and we'll handle the rest—from selling to closing.

There's no ceiling on your earnings, no complex regulations, and no unnecessary bureaucracy. We partner with consultants, introducers, referrers, associations, franchisors, professionals, and individuals, adapting to your unique business needs.

  • Maximize earning potential with a flexible revenue-sharing model
  • More referrals equal more earnings, with no caps or limits
  • Detailed monthly revenue reports online for full transparency
  • Co-sales and co-marketing activities to drive maximum results
  • People-first philosophy, enhancing global payment experiences

We fuel up on partner success stories. Your story

We work together to build better businesses. Where payment technology contributes to entrepreneurial growth and success. Where collaboration extends beyond typical boundaries to provide enhanced partnership experiences.

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