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Payment technology
December 1, 2021

Nonprofit and public sector software provider Sylogist finds holistic solution and true partner with Nuvei

The company needed an aligned partner who could simplify and elevate its payments program

Payment technology
Payment technology


Sylogist is a leading provider of software-as-a-service solutions for nonprofit and public sector organizations. Founded in 1993 in Calgary, Alberta, Sylogist has grown rapidly through successful acquisitions into a leading global independent software vendor. It serves almost 2,000 customers globally across four sectors: nonprofit, education, government, and business-to-business (B2B). Sylogist has partnered with Nuvei to simplify and modernize its payments program with a solution that delivers exceptional commerce experiences.

The challenge

As a result of rapid growth through strategic acquisition, prior to partnering with Nuvei, Sylogist worked with different payments providers across its software platforms. This created a fractured and disjointed environment that was complex and costly for Sylogist to support. Additionally, modern functionality that today’s organizations and consumers expect like instant merchant onboarding, support for mobile wallets, and a consistent brand experience was not available. Finally, both partnership support and customer service for the software users left much to be desired and varied widely across providers. The company needed an aligned partner who could simplify and elevate its payments program and deliver greater value to both Sylogist and its customers.

The solution

After thorough due diligence, Sylogist chose Nuvei to power a new cross-platform payment solution—SylogistPay—and to leverage Nuvei’s managed payment facilitation technology which delivers frictionless customer onboarding and features white-label payment capabilities. Nuvei’s 25-year track record helping software providers simplify payment processing, along with its deep domain expertise and vertically tailored commerce innovations built for the nonprofit and public sectors, have enabled Sylogist to streamline, monetize, and modernize its payments program.

Working with Nuvei has simplified and elevated our integrated payments offering. Knowing we have a true partner with a proven track record of success that is powering our white-labeled payment solution allows us to ramp growth and deliver even more value to our customers.
- Rusty Butler, AVP, IT & Security Sylogist

The results

Partnership with Nuvei has removed complexity and cost from Sylogist’s software ecosystem. Sylogist went from disparate payment providers to just one true payment partner committed to helping the company enhance customer experiences and outcomes while achieving unprecedented growth and profitability. It has also delivered a superior solution with a consistent brand experience and new features and functions including Apple Pay and Google Pay. With managed payment facilitation, Sylogist was able to accelerate the time required to onboard new software users by over 98%—from 1½ business days to minutes, enabling users to accept donations and payments in near-real time.

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