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Payment technology
Payment technology
December 28, 2021

Partnership between Nuvei and ECI highlights importance of sophisticated tech and close alignment

ECI is a leading provider of cloud-based business management software for SMBs

Payment technology
Payment technology


ECI is a leading provider of cloud-based business management software for small and medium-sized businesses. Nuvei’s close communication and planning with ECI, as well as its commitment to making strategic technical investments early on, allowed the partnership to deepen over their years, to the benefit of both ECI as well as its customers.

The approach

Dedicated support

Since the start of its relationship with ECI, Nuvei has demonstrated a hands-on approach, especially in converting customers to Nuvei Connect. Nuvei has also offered ECI direct access to senior leadership, making them feel comfortable to reach out any time to discuss problems and ideas. The level of individualized support and attention that Nuvei provides is unparalleled in the digital payments space.

Real-time communication

As technical complications arose, Nuvei worked with ECI to troubleshoot and ensure that the best solution—especially for ECI and its customers—was developed and implemented. The Nuvei team has even joined the ECI team on calls with end users, and view the responsibility to find and implement solutions for ECI’s customers as one they share equally with the internal team.

Industry expertise

Though ECI works with a range and size of companies, Nuvei has highly relevant expertise for a number of their customers, including those in the B2B and manufacturing sectors. This industry knowledge allows Nuvei to speak the same language as ECI’s customers, ultimately making their solutions more efficient and effective.

The results

Seamless integration

ECI has been able to draw on the customizable APIs within Nuvei Connectin order to efficiently integrate Nuvei’s sophisticated digital payments system for its customers. A user-friendly system, Nuvei Connect has also smoothed the transition and ensured operational consistency for customers through the onboarding process.


As ECI has brought on new customers and even considered acquiring new companies, Nuvei has lent its support and manpower to the organization to call hundreds of customers and convince them to onboard with the new technology. The partnership is rooted in the belief that such efforts are mutually beneficial and that Nuvei and ECI work best as a team.

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