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Payment technology
January 4, 2022

Joint collaborations drive the success of Nuvei-CentralReach partnership

Nuvei has worked with CentralReach to develop a joint marketing campaign to convert a number of its customers

Payment technology
Payment technology

About CentralReach

CentralReach is a company that develops applied behavior analysis software for the developmental disabilities sector, with a focus on both research and practice. One of the immediate goals of its partnership with Nuvei was to implement a campaign to move a targeted segment of users to Nuvei for an upgraded payments acceptance solution.

The approach

Nuanced understanding of goals

CentralReach and Nuvei were able to structure a partnership program to allow organizations to hit the ground running with an approach that would quickly get customers up and running with Nuvei. From custom merchant pricing programs to automated merchant applications, Nuvei implemented new solutions to streamline merchant onboarding for a better customer experience.

Technical capabilities

Many of CentralReach’s customers in the targeted conversion segment relied on legacy payment gateways and systems for both telehealth and in-person payments. Especially amid shutdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic, the value proposition of Nuvei’s integrated payments technology manifested itself in a significant way to CentralReach’s customers.

Joint initiatives

Nuvei has worked with CentralReach to develop a joint marketing campaign to convert a number of its customers using legacy payment systems to its platform. Nuvei and CentralReach collaborated to bring many clinics to move to Nuvei while business slowed, rather than waiting for the August end of life deadline. Their partnership in this effort resulted in 39 new organizations onboarding to the Nuvei platform.

The results

Marketing campaign and toolkit

In order to achieve the mutual goal of converting a specific sub-set of CentralReach’s customers to Nuvei’s integrated payments platform, Nuvei developed and implemented a full-scale marketing toolkit to reach this group – including collateral such as email copy, sales script, marketing collateral and product sheets, and more.


By working closely with CentralReach to onboard customers onto its payments platform, Nuvei has helped CentralReach expand usage of their integrated payments module while making an existing service more secure and efficient for clients.

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