Investor relations
Investor relations
September 24, 2020

A letter From Philip Fayer, Nuvei’s Founder, Chairman and CEO

Nuvei makes its market debut: US$833 million initial public offering makes TSX history by being the largest tech IPO by equity capital raised and market capitalization

Investor relations
Investor relations

For over 17 years, my passion has been to connect business owners with their customers, making the exchange of goods and services as frictionless as possible. Nuvei is a disruptive, new way of doing things in the payments industry. It means a new way forward and a better way to conduct commerce. We partner with businesses to help them excel in their local and global markets.

At Nuvei, we make our world a local marketplace

We live in an extraordinary time where technology allows businesses to connect with their customers from all corners of the world, in the blink of an eye. Consumer behavior is ever-changing, with more people now making purchases and consuming services online than ever before. No matter where or how transactions occur, global customers have come to expect a seamless experience, yet merchants often struggle with the vast number of tools and payment options required to create an effortless checkout. That’s where we come in. We help make the world a local marketplace to over 50,000 merchants currently doing business with us.

Yet technology alone is not enough to meet the needs of businesses. Businesses are looking for partners, both strategic and technological. They need great technology backed by amazing and talented people. And this is where Nuvei excels. Our deep domain expertise has allowed us to help merchants navigate global payment challenges in a rapidly changing digital economy – offering a myriad of payment possibilities through 450 alternative payment methods. Not only do we provide powerful technology, but more importantly, our very talented team helps our customers operate locally, around the world.

We service dynamic verticals with longevity, inherent growth and the propensity to operate on a global level. We service these verticals with three strategic pillars that now embody how we run our company:

Globally connected

We help our customers accept more payment types, in more currencies, in more countries, allowing them to expand into new markets, removing payment barriers worldwide – all through a single integration platform.

Innovative & flexible

We are committed to innovating and building cutting-edge solutions with the flexibility of being fully “à la carte” to help our customers convert more sales, drive deeper customer relationships, and reconcile their global operations, helping to reduce costs and simplify the way they do business.

Reliable & secure

We streamline back-office functions into a unified system regardless of market, currency, or payment medium, which helps our clients navigate local regulations, restrictions, client authentication and order validations.


Nuvei wouldn’t be anywhere without its employees, customers, and shareholders.

To our employees located around the world, you always come first. We will ensure that as an organization, we contribute to your long-term well-being and prosperity. This IPO is so exciting to me personally as it will provide you with an opportunity to share in our mutual success. It’s my hope that it creates a path to lifelong, meaningful change.

To our customers, you form the backbone of our business. In an industry replete with legacy solutions, we are focused on delivering more solutions, capability and capacity to help you connect with your customers, drive more business and operate more profitably with flexibility, accountability, and a sense of urgency. Our entrepreneurial spirit will continue to play a key role in delivering the latest payment innovations. And backed by our performance-driven, transparent, and knowledgeable staff, our dedication to providing exceptional levels of support will remain steadfast.

To our existing shareholders, thank you for your unwavering support. We are incredibly excited for the future. And to our new shareholders, we welcome you to the Nuvei family with open arms. We’ll continue to expand our mix of services to take advantage of the entire value chain of payments. We look forward to building on our momentum, persistent in our goal of becoming the best payment technology provider for both local and global businesses, without compromise. We’re excited that you can join us!

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