Payment technology
Payment technology
May 10, 2022

Midwest court partners with Nuvei to give green light to payments for traffic violations

Nuvei’s traffic payment solution enables the municipal court to save time and money

Payment technology
Payment technology


A midwestern city sees steady volumes of traffic as one of the largest cities in its state, and its municipal court handled an average of approximately 15,000 traffic violations annually, before the pandemic. The ability to accept credit card payments for traffic violations is important to the municipal court, whichstrives to offer flexible options to citizens. Remote card payments became especially desirable as the pandemic kept citizens from making in-person payments. Partnering with Nuvei, the municipal court found a fast, convenient, and costeffective way to process traffic payments.

The challenge

Like many other courts in the state and nationwide, the municipal court uses enterprise resource planning software to administer daily operations. The court’s ERP vendor made a credit card processing module available, but it came with a steep annual maintenance fee and could not respond to citizens’ payment issues. As a result, the court’s staff were responsible for resolving card problems. While the municipal court offers several options for citizens to make payments—including mail, online, in-person, or a drop box—the court wanted a better way to accommodate the volume of traffic payments and still integrate well with the existing administrative software.

The solution

The court selected Nuvei to provide a simple, secure payment processing solution that could integrate with the administrative system. With Nuvei, the municipal court was able to offer citizens an easy-to-use method of making traffic payments online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and receive immediate notification of payment. In addition, Nuvei’s solution came with no annual maintenance expenses, saving the court a considerable amount each year.

The results

Nuvei’s traffic payment solution enables the municipal court to save time and money, mitigating strain on court staff as well as the city’s budget. The user-friendly online system offers an easy option for citizens to remit payments for traffic violations, and Nuvei’s support team offers responsive service to resolve technical problems that may arise. Partnering with Nuvei helps the court to deliver on its commitment to serving the community.

Nuvei has a great customer service team. When I email them, they are so friendly and amazingly fast, I don’t have to wait to get a problem fixed. Their customer support and technical support is fast and they understand our needs.
- Court Administrator

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