Payment technology
Payment technology
May 12, 2023

Rappi and Nuvei: accelerating eCommerce in Latin America

Delving into how Rappi's alliance with Nuvei is driving forward the e-commerce landscape across Latin America, enhancing payment solutions and user experience

Payment technology
Payment technology

About Rappi

Rappi is a leading super app that started in 2015, initially focusing on delivering food products in Latin America. It has since expanded to offer a vast range of products and services, operating in more than 300 cities across 9 countries. The platform includes over 150,000 businesses and engages over 700,000 individuals for product deliveries throughout Latin America.

The Challenge

Rappi aimed to drive economic growth in Latin America by enhancing e-commerce adoption. This objective necessitated a robust and adaptable payment system capable of navigating the region's diverse and complex financial landscape, marked by differing regulations across countries.

The Approach

In 2015, Rappi selected Nuvei as their inaugural payment partner, valuing their flexibility, agility, and profound knowledge of the payment challenges in Latin America. Nuvei’s expertise in navigating these complexities made them a crucial ally for Rappi's expansive needs.

What we love about Nuvei is their flexibility and agility.
Carlos Ayalde - Head of Payments and Fraud Protection


The collaboration between Rappi and Nuvei has been instrumental in Rappi's expansion and success. Nuvei's tailored payment solutions have enabled Rappi to grow into new markets, enhancing the app's ability to efficiently serve an increasing user base. Nuvei continues to be a strategic partner, supporting Rappi's ongoing innovation and growth in the dynamic e-commerce sector of Latin America.

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