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Payment technology
December 17, 2021

Saving Grace Animal Rescue of Maryland partners with Nuvei for non-profit payments

Fundraising and donations were made simple and secure via online payment solution

Payment technology
Payment technology


Saving Grace Animal Rescue of Maryland is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue, whose mission is to end the neglect of animals across the East Coast by rescuing animals in need and helping them find permanent homes. The rescue does not have a facility and is reliant upon volunteers and donations to support its important work.

The challenge

When IT professional Diana Maddox joined Saving Grace’s board of directors, she spearheaded automation improvements in a variety of areas, including donations. As part of this initiative, donations have transitioned almost entirely from PayPal to Nuvei’s EGS solution.

The solution

By using a solution specifically designed for non-profits, the rescue was able to take advantage of specialized features such as enabling donors to select a specific fund, select a donation reason, donate in memory of someone, register for events, and more. Further, the Nuvei solution offered superior reporting, which was easier to use, and facilitated entry into their QuickBooks system.

In addition, with the Nuvei system, the rescue found that many of their supporters have been willing to cover the administrative costs, further improving the results they achieved.

Getting started was very simple. We were supplied credentials and login information, as well as the training we needed to run smoothly. The tools are easy to use and any questions we had were answered very promptly.
Diana Maddox, IT professional at Saving Grace

The results

Fundraising success

Fundraising has been difficult during COVID, so online options have become critical—including the adoption of online payments and donations. In addition, Saving Grace has successfully used QR codes for several events, and plans to continue using these in the future.

Looking forward

In the rescue industry, it is important for donors to actually be able to visualize the impact they have. Ms. Maddox noted, "We’re hoping to have more in-person events again since people are more likely to support us when they get to see the animals they’re supporting."

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