Payment technology
Payment technology
April 19, 2023

ePrice Marketplace's digital leap: partnering with Nuvei for advanced payment solutions

Discover how ePrice Marketplace revolutionized its online sales with Nuvei, enhancing payment security and accelerating revenue growth

Payment technology
Payment technology

About ePrice

ePrice operates as a premier online retailer specializing in a variety of household items, serving a wide customer base in Italy and internationally. The platform is dedicated to equipping sellers with effective tools for efficient online commerce, aiming to enhance the shopping experience.

The Challenge

The primary challenge for ePrice was to find a payment partner adept at understanding and managing the complexities of a marketplace business model. This involved facilitating both pay-ins and pay-outs, ensuring security, speeding up transaction processes, and efficiently onboarding international sellers.

From the outset, Nuvei understood the complexity of our business model and displayed the agility to make our pay-ins and payouts more straightforward, faster, and more secure
Leonardo Costa - Head of Payments & Fraud

The Approach

In response to these requirements, ePrice chose Nuvei as their payment partner. Nuvei's ability to rapidly comprehend and address the needs of ePrice's business stood out. They offered a marketplace solution that ensured secure transaction processing, streamlined reconciliation, and effective KYC procedures, accommodating both Italian and international sellers.


The collaboration with Nuvei led to a transformative change for ePrice. The implementation of Nuvei’s solutions greatly enhanced operational efficiency and accelerated revenue growth. Improved security and speed in transaction processing, coupled with straightforward reconciliation and prompt settlements, improved overall transparency and efficiency, enabling ePrice to expand its reach, attract new merchants, and explore new markets.

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