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Payment technology
May 19, 2023

Revolutionizing tourist experiences in Gibraltar: Gibraltar Pass and Nuvei's successful collaboration

Discover how Gibraltar Pass enhanced visitor convenience with Nuvei's versatile payment solutions, encompassing a range of cards and alternative payment methods

Payment technology
Payment technology

About Gibraltar Pass

Gibraltar Pass is a digital pass that enhances the tourist experience in Gibraltar by offering visitors a one-day pass to top attractions, public transport, and an array of discounts and freebies at local businesses, shops, and activity providers.

The Challenge

The primary challenge for Gibraltar Pass was to establish a payment system capable of handling an extensive array of payment methods. The need for such a system was driven by the goal to cater to the diverse payment preferences of international tourists. It was essential for the pass to support not just traditional card payments but also alternative payment solutions like PayPal and Apple Pay, ensuring a seamless and efficient purchasing experience for visitors.

We needed a payment provider that can process a whole range of cards and alternative payment methods and found that in Nuvei.
Eran Shay - Co-founder

The Approach

In their pursuit of a suitable payment solution, Gibraltar Pass collaborated with Nuvei. This partnership was marked by Nuvei's professionalism and their commitment to working hand in hand with Gibraltar Pass. Nuvei's approach was not just about providing a service but about forging a partnership that focused on the specific needs and goals of Gibraltar Pass.


Through their collaboration with Nuvei, Gibraltar Pass was able to implement a versatile payment processing system. Nuvei's platform catered to all requirements, processing a wide range of cards as well as alternative payment methods such as PayPal and Apple Pay. This implementation significantly enhanced the convenience and accessibility for visitors using Gibraltar Pass, thereby improving the overall user experience and satisfaction.

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