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Payment technology
Payment technology
September 10, 2023

Holland Casino’s online transformation: partnering with Nuvei for advanced payment solutions

Explore Holland Casino's journey into online gaming with Nuvei, offering flexible payment systems including iDEAL for an enhanced customer experience

Payment technology
Payment technology

About Holland Casino

Holland Casino is a state-owned enterprise with a rich history in the gaming industry. Operating since 1976, it boasts a network of fourteen venues across the country. In October last year, Holland Casino expanded its horizons by launching an online gaming operation, marking a significant milestone in its more than four decades of operation.

The Challenge

The primary challenge for Holland Casino in establishing its online gaming operation was navigating the complexities of the newly regulated market. The clarity around regulations was a concern, and there was a pressing need for a flexible and robust system. Holland Casino sought a solution that not only offered a proficient front end but also integrated iDEAL, a popular payment option in the Netherlands. The goal was to create a seamless platform that provided both an outstanding gaming experience and clear, convenient payment options for customers.

Now, we have a seamless platform in a way where they're not only able to find the latest and greatest games, but also they're able to ensure that the payment options are going to be clear. Whenever they would like to claim any withdrawal, that is going to be a solution that is going to be instantly delivered.
Nicolas Fleiderman - Manger - Holland Casino Online

The Approach

In response to these challenges, Holland Casino partnered with Nuvei. Nuvei's experience in the payment sector was instrumental in selecting appropriate payment options and configuring the necessary limits and settings for each payment solution. This collaboration focused on creating a platform that was not just about gaming but also about ensuring that payment methods were transparent and accessible for users, particularly in the context of withdrawals.

The Results

As a result of their partnership with Nuvei, Holland Casino successfully launched a seamless online gaming platform. This platform is distinguished by its ability to offer customers not only the latest and greatest games but also clear and instant payment solutions. This includes the integration of iDEAL, catering to the local market's preferences. The collaboration has ensured that customers have a smooth and enjoyable experience, from gaming to managing their transactions.

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