Payment technology
Payment technology
April 26, 2023

Nuvei partnership smooths billing flow for Crab Orchard's utility district and its customers

Crab Orchard chose Nuvei to provide a simple, secure payment processing solution

Payment technology
Payment technology


Crab Orchard Utility District, a water utility serving eastern Cumberland County, Tennessee, has partnered with Nuvei for several years. The utility relies on Nuvei to process electronic payments and handle paper billing. Since its first water meter readings in September 1967, Crab Orchard has grown to more than 400 miles of water lines, $14.5 million of assets, and more than 9,000 customers. Through its partnership with Nuvei, Crab Orchard Utility District has been able to offer its customers flexible payment options and has reduced its customers’ costs.

The challenge

Crab Orchard Utility District’s mission is to provide safe, reliable drinking water to residents in its service area at the lowest possible cost while meeting strict federal and state regulations. Inefficient processes that require use of additional staff resources end up costing the utility, and those extra expenses are inevitably passed along to customers. Historically, manual billing had taken up a lot of office time and resulted in greater costs. Crab Orchard sought a way to improve its customer service while keeping costs low, in accord with its mission.

The solution

Crab Orchard chose Nuvei to provide a simple, secure payment processing solution that makes it easy for customers to pay their water bills. With Nuvei, utility customers can pay online or by phone with credit cards, set up automatic payments, or receive paper bills in the mail. Nuvei handles electronic payments, issues and collects paper bill payments, and delivers customer service. Crab Orchard Utility District’s partnership with Nuvei offers peace of mind to both their employees and customers.

Being a utility, whatever we save, saves our customers money, too. They’re happy with our payment solution, and we’re happy with it.
- Everett Bolin, General Manager, Crab Orchard Utility District

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