Payment technology
Payment technology
January 24, 2022

North Texas court delivers verdict on its partnership with Nuvei: Efficient, convenient, and responsive

Nuvei’s solution enables the municipal court to accelerate defendants’ payments

Payment technology
Payment technology


Like many government departments, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the municipal court in this North Texas city to perform more of its day-to-day operations remotely—including processing payments. Fortunately, the court recognized how technologies could facilitate remote operations even before the pandemic. The city’s manager of court services had experience working with Nuvei in a previous role, and was delighted to work with Nuvei once again as the court’s payment vendor. Under this partnership, Nuvei processes all of the court’s payments for warrants and fees, and enables the court to initiate text messages to defendants about payments for outstanding warrants.

The challenge

With virtually all court operations administered remotely during the pandemic, the court needed an efficient, reliable way to accept credit card payments when defendants could not make payments in person. In addition, the court needed assurance that any technical problems customers might encounter with payments could be resolved quickly. In any given month, the court might have more than 10,000 unpaid outstanding warrants. Unless defendants have a convenient method of paying those fees, the court may have a long wait to receive the funds, requiring additional collection efforts and straining the court’s resources.

The solution

Nuvei provided the court a complete payment platform enabling secure online and telephone payments with bilingual representatives. Nuvei also provides technical support that frees up court staff from answering questions involving payment processing. And the court receives notification of payments in near real-time. With the ability to send text messages and a live link to initiate payments through Nuvei, the court dramatically reduces the lag between notification and payment.

If we have a customer that has a problem with payments, I can contact Nuvei directly and they work it out. Within a few minutes, the issue is resolved.
- Manager of Court Services

The results

Nuvei’s solution enables the municipal court to accelerate defendants’ payments and improve fee recoveries from defendants. In its previous vendor relationship, the court incurred at least $1,500 per month in credit card processing fees, which it did not pass on to defendants. Working with Nuvei eliminated those processing expenses, saving the court both money and time. Online and telephone payment options also reduced the amount of foot traffic in the court building, mitigating health risks during the pandemic and beyond. The ability for many defendants to complete payments remotely also relieves stress on the court’s staff and reduces staffing requirements. All of these factors combine to let the court focus on better serving the North Texas community.

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