Payment technology
Payment technology
June 24, 2022

Orthodontic practice management software company sees impressive early-stage market growth

OrthoMinds selected Nuvei to deliver deeply integrated patient billing

Payment technology
Payment technology


As a board-certified orthodontist, computer scientist, and owner of a busy orthodontic practice in McDonough, Georgia, Dr. Ruchir Patel was frustrated by the limitations of the orthodontic practice management software solutions that were available to practices like his. So, he took control—determined to build an application unlike any other available on the market. A key component of his vision included a seamless credit card and ACH billing and patient payment solution that allowed practices to drive exceptional patient experiences, spanning from simple co-pays to long-term treatment plans and everything in between.

After thoroughly vetting payments providers to bring his vision to life, Dr. Patel selected Nuvei to deliver the innovative payment solutions needed to be market-competitive and provide the true hands-on partnership necessary for rapid growth and profitability. Today, after three years of partnership, OrthoMinds proudly serves over 200 offices, supporting over 350 orthodontists—with Nuvei powering $30M+ in annual volume—and is highly regarded as a leader in the industry.

The challenge

Prior to the launch of OrthoMinds, many orthodontic practices like Dr. Patel’s settled for software applications that lacked the feature functionality needed to manage operations from soup to nuts. This meant practice managers had to fill product gaps by introducing multiple applications to create a holistic solution—a process that is both costly and complex, and results in inefficiencies, errors, and frustrations inherent with working across multiple systems. To deliver a disruptive market alternative, OrthoMinds needed to create a best-in-breed application which would effectively deliver end-to-end functionality for a complete solution with integrated payments being an integral element.

The solution

OrthoMinds selected Nuvei to deliver deeply integrated patient billing and payment acceptance technology, resulting in a highly acclaimed, all-in-one solution which ha s seen impressive client adoption. These technologies, which include digital invoicing, automated billing for patient payment plans, and seamless updates to keep account-on-file information accurate, have helped the software application rise in popularity, capturing an impressive 200 customers in three short years.

Nuvei has played an invaluable role in our ability to offer a complete, end-to-end orthodontic practice management solution. Their payment technology and deep understanding of this specialty’s unique payment needs has allowed us to clearly differentiate, quickly gain market share, and offer our customers and the patients they care for the best billing and payment experience available on the market today.”
- Dr. Ruchir Patel, Co-founder, OrthoMinds

The results

OrthoMinds, powered by Nuvei, has solidified its reputation as an up-and-coming industry innovator and leader through its one-stop-shop approach with billing and payments technology being a key standout in its robust feature set. The billing and payment integration, which acts as native to the application and is both PCI and HIPAA compliant, drives exceptional patient experiences, and elevates practice management by eliminating inefficiencies and data entry errors that result f rom working across multiple systems.

Settlement data is auto-synced daily for simpler, more efficient reconciliation. Nuvei’s innovative payment solutions, deep vertical domain expertise, and commitment to the OrthoMinds partnership from inception through early business maturity has and continues to play a key role in the company’s ability to ramp, achieving an impressive 18% YOY growth in their payment portfolio, along with increasing profitability.

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