Payment technology
Payment technology
January 12, 2022

Winery ISV implements superior payment solution through streamlined integration experience

Nuvei simplified the integration process for VinNOW and provided a complete payments platform

Payment technology
Payment technology


For VinNOW, a trusted provider of integrated software to wineries, tasting rooms, and wine clubs, integrated payments is a critical feature for the customers it serves in this specialty vertical industry. Experience with previous vendors led VinNOW to view integrated payments integrations as a complex, time-consuming process with little hands-on support. In addition, VinNOW found it challenging to find providers that offered a complete feature set needed to maximize user adoption in this specialty vertical. All that changed, however, when the software company met Nuvei. Once VinNOW understood Nuvei’s platform capabilities and the simple integration process, its decision to move forward yielded results beyond its expectations.

The challenge

VinNOW sought a new payments partner because it needed a complete solution suite to best serve its winery customers. The company’s prior technical solution lacked such enhancements, and VinNOW wanted to offer its customers a customized online shopping cart. VinNOW wanted to avoid the typical headaches software providers commonly experience with payment integration including complexity, lack hands on support, and settling for incomplete platform feature functionality.

The solution

Nuvei provided VinNOW a core platform that offered all feature functionality, including tokenization, a card account updater, next-day funding, and EMV point-of-sale devices including mobile solutions to support wine stores and tasting rooms. In addition, Nuvei worked with VinNOW to develop a custom shopping cart solution. Nuvei simplified the integration process by providing thorough developer resources, including detailed documentation to streamline development. Nuvei also provided VinNOW with access to a dedicated technical integration manager who was available at every step to offer real-time guidance, answer questions, deliver quality assurance, and test the platform’s functionality. This experience was vastly different from VinNOW’s prior vendor relationship.

The results

Nuvei’s RESTful API provided VinNOW with a highly flexible integration experience and removed much of the complexity associated with other popular data exchange protocols. VinNOW gained the ability to easily scale its integration when it needs future enhancements or changes. Upon completing integration, VinNOW rated the experience as "first class," without the many pain points experienced with previous providers. The overall result of VinNOW’s partnership with Nuvei is a superior solution, with better support for both VinNOW and the customers it serves.

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