Payment technology
Payment technology
January 13, 2022

Health and wellness business management software benefits with custom payment solutions

WellnessLiving finds value in a flexible approach to payments

Payment technology
Payment technology


WellnessLiving is a business management software solution that focuses on the health and wellness space. The company partnered with Nuvei in 2016 in large part because it was seeking a payments provider that offered a flexible, customized approach to implementing its growth strategy, as well as fine-tuning over time the role that payments would play in that plan.

The approach


Nuvei’s willingness to adapt to the needs of the organization, and adjust its strategy in real-time, proved crucial to its successful execution, even as WellnessLiving’s business grew beyond its early stages.


Systems and partnership programs are supported by the highly flexible Nuvei Connect platform, easing the transition process between phases of business maturity. With Nuvei, WellnessLiving was able to avoid multiple technical integrations often required to support transitioning between program types.

Hands-on approach

Early on, Nuvei also demonstrated its commitment to providing comprehensive support throughout the engagement, including real-time technical support and a proactive approach in terms of efficiency and identifying new opportunities.

The results

Growth support

During the growth phase, WellnessLiving entered into partnership with Nuvei under a traditional referral program structure, where Nuvei managed all payments-related functions. This strategic approach was invaluable at a critical stage in its growth, allowing WellnessLiving to focus on core software initiatives needed to scale the business. As part of the program, Nuvei provided full-service support from sales, risk and underwriting, merchant onboarding, customer care, retention and more.

Long-term support

As WellnessLiving’s software business evolved and became more established, Nuvei was able to work closely with the organization in real-time to adjust the strategy and transition to a hybrid ISO partnership structure, taking more payments responsibilities inhouse. Throughout this process, Nuvei provided on-the-ground support and guidance in making this shift. Nuvei has served as astrategic partner helping them take the lead on more payment-related functions, such as sales and retention.

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