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Payment technology
December 23, 2021

Partnership between Nuvei and Recur360 shows value of custom payments approach

Tailored approach allows Recur360 to provide a far more personalized payments offering

Payment technology
Payment technology


Recur360, an industry-leading IT managed services company, established a strategic partnership with Nuvei in 2021. The company—which automates customers’ invoicing workflows—was attracted by Nuvei’s direct and hands-on approach to customer service and willingness to develop systems and processes around the needs of Recur360’s customers.

The approach

Direct contact

Prior to Recur360’s partnership with Nuvei, the company never had direct contact with payment providers, always working through middlemen. Nuvei’s commitment to developing personal connections between the two teams has immensely benefited the working relationship, especially the ability to trouble-shoot issues and develop tailored solutions.

Prioritization of customer onboarding

Nuvei has eased the process of onboarding Recur360 customers onto using its integrated payments platform, providing hands-on support and making the transition seamless from technical and usability standpoints.


Rather than reacting to issues as they arise, Nuvei comes to the table with solutions and with new ideas to increase efficiency, and works closely with the Recur360 team to develop and implement fixes.

The results

Custom product offering

Through Nuvei’s deep understanding of Recur360’s platform and businesses, it has been able to help better explain and troubleshoot issues as they arise with Recur360 customers. Ultimately, this tailored approach allows Recur360 to provide a far more personalized offering to customers, particularly in comparison to competitors.

Access to multiple tech gateways

Through its partnership with Nuvei, Recur360 has gained the ability to access data with multiple gateways, which gives the platform a higher degree of functionality and ability to address issues with customers as they arise in real time.

Wide-ranging collaboration

Nuvei has worked with Recur360 to develop and execute on joint marketing initiatives, including webinars featuring member so both teams, as well as collaborative sales efforts.

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