Payment technology
Payment technology
June 1, 2023

Texas-based Hays Utility North Corporation partners with Nuvei to save money, keep service flowing

Texas regional utility partners with Nuvei for payment processing

Payment technology
Payment technology


Hays Utility North Corporation, a regional water utility comprising 16 municipal and residential utility districts in southeastern Texas, near Houston, has partnered with Nuvei for more than two years. The regional utility relies on Nuvei for e-billing services and online payment options. All but one of the districts Hays serves have converted to electronic payments, saving the utility thousands of dollars in monthly processing fees and offering customers greater convenience.

The challenge

Hays Utility North provides operation, maintenance, and management of water and wastewater facilities in Montgomery County, Texas, which has more than 620,000 residents. Hays has been serving water and sewer customers for more than 40 years. Before selecting Nuvei to provide online payment processing, Hays Utility North relied on a largely paper-based billing and payments system. Not only was this highly inefficient, consuming a considerable amount of staff resources, but it also offered utility customers few options for paying their monthly bills—they could either mail in payments or drop them off in person at their district office.

The solution

The regional utility chose Nuvei to provide a simple, secure, and convenient payment processing solution that dramatically reduced paper billing and was easy for customers to use. In addition to online and automatic payment processing for monthly water bills, Nuvei also provides e-billing services and resolves delinquent payments for Hays Utility North.

We’ve had big growth in online payments, and we really do enjoy working with Nuvei.
- Sarah Wright, Customer Service Manager, Hays Utility North Corporation

The results

The partnership with Nuvei has relieved strain on Hays Utility North’s staff, reduced payment delinquencies, and enabled Hays to maintain a high level of service to customers. In addition, working with Nuvei for online payments eliminated the large monthly fees that Hays’ previous provider applied to each utility district. Those fees added up to about $4,000 each month, and nearly $48,000 every year.

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